Upcoming: “Pavilion”

Here’ s a snippit from a story I’m wrapping up.  Soon, soon to share with you all.  Hope it raises an eyebrow.

They traveled as a covenant. Since Kay had met Daisy, she had regained a sense of daring and adventure that, prior, she felt had escaped her. Something about the desperation of late thirties turning quickly toward forties had a dangerous edge to it. In one instance, it could spur a person into renewed vigor; in another, it could send them inexorably down a spiraling decay. Kay had always seen it as a coin toss.

Then, on a single dreary day in her mundane factory job, Daisy had changed everything. She had opened a door to friendship and youth. She was beautiful, and Kay loved her for it. They hit it off immediately, sneaking smoke breaks together, quietly insulting the inferior state of things. They drank together on the weekends. David hadn’t been old enough to join them, but was always good at taking care of himself. Over the years, the three of them had become like family. Daisy filled the gap where David’s absent father should have been. Though she hadn’t raised David as a child, she was fond of him. She had never had a child of her own, and, instead, used Kay as her guide to maternal feelings. She would shake her head in theatrical-mock-amazement at the entire concept.

“There’s no way I could imagine birthing someone with a head that big!” She had said. David would scowl at her—not more than a sulky teenager—and she would poke fun. “Being pregnant with a head that big would ruin my figure!”

She grew quite attached to the sense of family that Kay and David brought. She saw Kay’s strength. She saw the beauty of futures—of potential—in David’s blue-green eyes.

When Daisy had said that they could escape the factory, Kay was cautious, but excited. Excited more than anything. It could mean a new life for all of them. Daisy had mentioned coming to the beach as a young girl. The Pavilion was her daydream of beauty and hope. Her beauty beguiled Kay—persuaded her. She invited Daisy into her and David’s lives fully—enticed by a sense of trust and power that came only from gods and devils. 

(copyright 2013, Joshua Floyd, all rights reserved)




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